Friday, March 14, 2008

If it isn't one child, it's another!

This has been one very long and tiresome day. Hannah woke me up at 4:00 this morning complaining of a stomachache. So, I rolled myself out of bed and took her to potty. She then got a drink of water, got back in bed, and I scratched her back for a minute. Everything seemed fine until about 6am when she crawled into be with me. She tossed and turned still complaining of a belly ache. She drank an entire bottle of water and a couple of bites of banana; keeping this all down and running a low grade fever I started getting a little concerned. By 10am she is crying uncontrollably so I piled everyone into the car and to the Pediatric Clinic we went. We saw Dr. Davis (whom I liked a lot) and after ruling everything else out, he determined that it was either her appendix or a virus. Her pain wasn't strong enough to warrant a CT scan at this point so he sent us home with a few pointers. At 3:45 she wasn't getting any better and her symptoms were beginning to change, so I called him back. At this point he ordered the CT. After sticking Hannah 3 times they were finally successful at getting the IV in. Poor girl!!! She is so tough though!! Luckily everything looked okay, so for now she gets to keep her appendix. It is 9:20pm and Ross is on his way to take my little sister home (she stayed here and watched the other two girls) and probably won't be home until 10. 4am to 10pm without a the professional world isn't that illegal??? Oh, wait...that's why it's called MOTHERHOOD! :) and I wouldn't change a minute of it.