Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday-The Creation Museum

Today was a great day. My mom surprised us by calling the Creation Museum and told them our story to see if they would be willing to give us discounted tickets to visit the museum while we were between doctor appointments. They did even better. They blessed us more then We could have ever imagined; they gave us free guest passes for the day to the museum and planetarium. Thank you, Jessie, for this unbelievable experience! It was wonderful to not only explain but also to show the girls how the world as we know it was created; how the flood explains things such as the making of the Grand Canyon to the extinction of dinosaurs, and much more. It was very interesting and I am humbled by the fact that we had this experience so that when my children are taught evolution in school I will have educated answers that support Creation. I think the exhibit I liked the most was the one that showed a child playing next to a dinosaur...pre-flood obviously.
So tonight was date night! Ross and I were able to enjoy dinner out together while Blair stayed at the hotel with all of the kids; yes even Jonathan. It was wonderful to spend a little quality alone time with each other for a few hours. Especially with Ross' scope tomorrow.