Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Joy's of a Semi-Private Room

Semi-private really means that we are going to stick you in a room with a complete stranger whose poor child is still screaming at 1:12am preventing anyone from getting any sleep. Or it is because the mother let her seven month old fall out of her crib three feet off the ground and land on a concrete floor! They put you in these rooms with these situations and separate you with a piece of material hanging from the ceiling...real private! I was telling my momma that I didn't want a roommate tonight because Abigail had her bronchoscopy today and I wanted her to be able to rest. After I told her this she prayed over the phone with me that we would have a quite room to ourselves. I kid you not, the second she said, "Amen" the nurse came in to inform us that they were bringing up a two year old. God's plans are far better than our plans could ever be. Lying in the bed next to Abigail's bed is the most beautiful little boy named Elijah who has Downs Syndrome. That isn't even the best part! They are a nice christian family, and even though he is still screaming at 2am I don't mind because God has reminded me that He is in control and He has a purpose for everything. He has brought Elijah's family and Abigail's family together in this place for a reason. Let me also tell you that He allowed Abigail to rest even throughout the screaming. What an AWESOME God we serve!!!