Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall!!!

For those of you who know well, you know that I love fall! Today is officially the first day of fall; so Happy Fall to you all! In honor of fall and in no particular order, here are a few reasons why I love fall:

*The crisp, cool, clean air.
*Autumn colors on the leaves.
*The smell of warm apple pie.
*Thanksgiving and Family
*Celebrating the birth of our 3rd daughter.
*Cornstalks, Hay, and Mums
*Hot apple cider


Kristen said...

I so love fall, too!

The Scott Family said...

Great choice on the background!! Oh, we are on for Friday, October 3rd! How about that afternoon...what time is good for you?? I am coming to town that morning.

The Harris Family said...

Does an apple pie candle count? I made an apple pie not too long ago and it was pretty but it tasted awful :)