Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Neurology Appointment

Abigail's neurology appointment went well yesterday. The doctor felt like Abigail was actually doing quite well, and thought that her gross motor delay was due to the fact that she has been chronically ill since birth (even though we didn't know it). However, she was a little concerned about her speech delay; so she is going to have an MRI in a couple of weeks to check the side of the brain that controls speaking. I know your are probably thinking that appointment went way too smoothly...well, yes the appointment did. The trip home and the day after were a bit chaotic. Apparently we either drove through something or Abigail came into contact with something that caused her to have a mild anaphylatic reaction. So, after giving Benadryl, the inhaler, Dr. Lovell, and more inhalers, she is doing fine. Hopefully we are back on track and headed for a wonderful weekend!