Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Strep Throat and Busy Plans

Mary Grace has been unfortunately stricken with the dreaded Strep Throat. Poor baby was miserable. Her fever didn't break for two days and her throat was so swollen it is difficult for her to breathe when she was lying down. We started her antibiotic yesterday and let me tell you, it's a miracle drug. Dr. K said that his "drug of choice" for strep is Omnicef and that most children respond by the next day. I was hopeful, but realistic because it usually takes MG a good 5 days to recover. However, she woke up fever free and able to eat 1/2 a chocolate doughnut. That was huge improvement since she ate nothing the day before. Hopefully we are on our way to recovery which is good because we have a busy weekend planned. Friday is Fayetteville's Homecoming and my sister is cheering in the game, so I must go. Saturday we are going to Hot Springs for Ross' grandmother's birthday, and Sunday my grandmother will be in town; so of coarse we have to get the family together for a visit. It has been several months since she has seen Abigail; in fact the last time she saw her we were at Children's. I am looking forward to seeing family, but not the chaos that goes along with it.