Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Go Away Rain, Bring on Fall

Rain. Rain. Go. Away! At least for a few days, so I can finishing painting the bunk beds. Really, it's been about three weeks since we painted the first half of the beds. I am ready to get them done so my girls can have their room back. It is in total chaos right now. Their mattresses are on the floor, and everything is in total disarray. Hopefully if the end of the week proves to be pretty I will be able to finish them up and get the girls' room done so I can begin on Jonathan's. If and when both projects are completed, I will post pictures of the finished products.

Total subject change, but I LOVE FALL!! Here are just of few of the things I enjoy most:

*Crisp, Clean, Cool Air
*Chai Lattes
*Apple Pie
*Pumpkin Pie, Muffins, and Cookies
*Hot Apple Cider
*Fall-Scented Candles
*Scare Crows
*Bikes, Blues, and BBQ

And the list could go on and on...Since I cannot get my fall decorations out (yes, I know fall does not officially begin for another 7 days) due to the above mentioned disassembled bed in the way, I will pay tribute to my blog by changing the layout to fall. Enjoy!