Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Self-Reminder...

Update on Lydia; the last I heard she was going to be okay, but her numbers were still a little too high. She was still in the PICU at ACH, but it has also been a few days since I have received any updates. Thank you for the prayers for the Macfarlan family!

So, Mandy and I went to Rhea Lana's last night. I got three outfits for Jonathan, a shirt for Abbz, and the cutest little camo backpack (with GAP written in orange) ever. I plan on using the backpack when "the boy" gets a little older. We had a great time. There were a TON of people and the check-out line was crazy long, but it was totally worth it. Plus, we got to enjoy a little free time without kids. We should have; however, thought through the Starbucks and then later the ice tea a little more carefully because neither of us slept very well last night. Oh, the joys of caffeine!

Ross' next scope is scheduled for Oct. 8th. We will leave on the 7th and come home on the 9th or 10th depending on how he does with his scope. The medicines they use tend to knock him out the first day and make him jittery the second. They are only doing an upper scope this time, so hopefully less drugs will equal less side effects! I am for some reason really stressed about this upcoming trip. It is because we only have $100 in our "Cincinnati Fund", but we have been in this situation before and the Lord has ALWAYS been faithful to provide. My heart knows that as long as this is where He wants us, He will provide the way; but my brain is having a hard time dealing with it this time. I'm sure it is because it feels like we are being hit from every direction for money. Hundreds of dollars in doctor's bills and medical expenses, a HUGE increase in personal property taxes...we are talking over $ is that even possible?! The baby. While exciting, we are totally unprepared. No clothes (well, 4 outfits, 2 gowns, and a pair of jammies), no carseat, no stroller, no diapers, and the list could go on and on and on! We desperately NEED 2 new tires; they are all but completely bald. Okay, I know that it sounds as if I am having a pitty party for myself, but I really just needed to vent my feelings. I am more than aware of the blessings in our lives. A roof over our heads with clean running water, electricity, heating and air; three beautiful children and another on the way, free formula...enough said, provisions to allow us to seek medical treatment at the best eosinophilic facilities for both Abigail and Ross. I know HE will provide for all of our needs. For everything listed and for those not listed, I just have to be reminded and remind myself sometimes. Thanks for being a sounding board today! Jehovah-jireh...the Lord is our Provider!!!