Friday, September 25, 2009

A Bitter Sweet BB&B

So I really have nothing important to say. I should be up cleaning the house, but sitting at the computer blogging about nothing seemed more appealing. I can't imagine why, she says sarcastically. Ross is out riding his motorcycle. Bikes, Blues, and BBQ is this weekend. We anticipate it's return from the time it is over every year. This year is a little bitter sweet. Excited that it is here, sad that it's just not going to be quite the same. Grumpy (Ross' dad) always rides up here on his bike the week of BB&B, but couldn't this year. Ross' grandmother has been in the hospital and was just discharged today. Ross is disappointed and a little sad that Grumpy couldn't make it, and frankly the girls and I are too. (Although, let me say that we completely understand why he cannot make it.) This is the one time out of the year that Ross gets to spend some time alone with his dad. They always enjoy a ride together on Friday morning, and then we all meet up as a family sometime Friday afternoon. Saturday is probably the best day of the week. We all go as a family that morning, watch the parade that afternoon, and then that evening it's just Ross and I with Grumpy. We all get "our time" with Grumpy, and this year he is going to be greatly missed. My girls LOVE there special Grumpy time and looking at the motorcycles. As they are getting older, they have learned that when the motorcycles start rolling into town, it must be time for BB&B. I hope that we can continue this tradition for many many years to come, and we are already looking forward to next year! We miss you, Grumpy.