Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pretty Daddy

Two words you don't often place together; but indeed, he was "Pretty Daddy." Saturday evening, Mary Grace walks into the living room and says in her sweetest voice, "Daddy can we (she and Hannah) dress you up like a girl?" This process started with Baby Pink fingernail polish with sparkles. Hannah painted his left hand and MG his right. They took turns back and forth on each fingernail. Of coarse it couldn't stop there...he was adorned with the most gaughty plastic beaded necklace and bracelet in the girls jewelry box. Oh, but wait! Every girl must have lipstick; so we compromised with lip gloss. Again, Mary Grace in her sweetest voice then says, "Talk like a girl now daddy!" Oh it was so sweet. Sorry gang, no pictures. Only a story of possibly the very best daddy there ever was.