Friday, August 29, 2008

Allergy Testing and New Diets All Around!

Well, we have the results from Ross' allergy testing. Here goes: all fish/shellfish, all tree nuts, peanuts, peas, corn, wheat, rice, rye, oat, oranges, green beans, onions, soy and yeast. As well as, environmental allergies and cats. So between Ross, Hannah, and Abigail our diets will be seriously altered. Oh, and now for the funniest part! I talked to our vet yesterday, and because Kobe is not metabolizing his food properly, his little body is producing large amounts of kidney stones; so he will also be on a special diet the rest of his life. Now isn't that just appropriate! Okay sorry for the side note, back to Ross. He is going to have a hard time giving up wheat, so we are having a last "hoorah" this weekend. Since we are Italian by choice (meaning we LOVE Italian food) we are going to have pasta for dinner! Although he is already omitting most of the offensive foods now, he is planning on going "cold turkey" on Monday! This is going to be a life change for all of us, so I know we will need the prayers until we become a custom to our new way of eating. For all of you food lovers out there, enjoy it and please don't ever take it for granted!