Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Week

This week has been a busy week, and it's only going to get busier! For several months now I have been having issues with my left eye; and putting off going to the Optometrist mainly because for me, having my eyes checked is equivalent to most people going to the dentist. On Monday I finally broke down and went. He said that I have some dry spots on that eye and gave me some special eyedrops to use anytime my eye was bothering me and especially before bed (as the middle of the night was when my symptoms worsen). For now I am going to use the eyedrops and get my new prescription glasses and see if that takes care of the problem. If not, he will then refer me to an Opthamologist. On a positive note I found a really cute pair of glasses I cannot wait to wear! On to Tuesday. Wow! First of all, it is inevitable that if it's bible study day you can bet on someone being late that morning, no matter how early you wake up and pre-plan the night before. Satan definitely attacks my household on these mornings! After dropping the girls off at of which was late, I went to bible study. Then Abigail had a dental appointment to have her teeth cleaned. In addition to the cleaning, they also applied fluoride for the first time. The fluoride they previously used contained peanut oil, so they never used it for fear of an allergic reaction. Luckily the new product they are using does not contain any severe allergens in it. Although that didn't stop me from standing by with her Epi Pen in hand. ;) So thankful everything went well and now she can receive future fluoride treatments without complications. Woohoo! We left the dental office and met Ross for lunch and then it was time to get home to pick the girls up from school. Mary Grace had basketball practice from 6-7, so Ross picked her up for me on his way home from work while I got the other kids ready for bed. Man was that a long day! Today I have been walking around half dazed. I think I am just worn out from the busyness of the previous days. Our morning started out with Abbz going to therapy and then we visited Mandy, Alex, and Emma. I want to take a moment to talk about Abigail and Emma. They have NO personal space boundaries with one another. Emma hugs all over Abigail and Abbz lays right back all over Emma. While this is going on their is laughter and what I truly believe is their own little language that only the two of them understand. I LOVE it! Seeing them interact together is like watching two best friends with unconditional love for one another. I don't know what caused them to have such a bond, but I hope it is never broken! This evening we had church and now I am sitting here blogging instead of doing what I need to be doing. Sleeping! Tomorrow is my birthday and although I don't really have any plans, I'm sure Ross and the kids do. Plus MG has basketball team pictures at 7:15. Friday, Abigail has a follow up appointment with the Pulminologist and then the weekend begins. I am already exhausted, and praying He gives me the endurance to push on through the next few days. Good night all!