Friday, September 4, 2009


So Ross, Mary Grace, and Hannah were discussing the fact that we (the girls and I) will be going to two showers this weekend. My sister's wedding shower and my baby shower. Here is the conversation that followed:

Mary Grace: I have already been to one shower and I am going to go to two more this weekend. Bragging...That means I will have gotten to go to three showers!
Ross: Do you want to go to the shower, Hannah?
Hannah: No.
Ross: Hannah, do you know what a shower is?
Hannah: Yes. We have one in our house.

Ross said I couldn't make fun of her because I didn't know what they really were until I was like 10. He thought a bunch of women got together and really took turns taking a shower (hey, at least he thought we took turns and not that it was a group event). Lesson to be learned? Please inform your children, girls and boys alike, that wedding and baby showers are not where a bunch of women get together to take showers. It is for celebration and gifts for the upcoming event. :)


Thank you Jesus!! He provided the money for us to purchase the two new tires we desperately needed. Ross' hard work lately (even harder than usual) has paid off. We have two brand new perfectly treaded new tires that have replaced the smooth, balding tires we had before. It's amazing to drive over 65 mph and not have the entire van shake anymore. Ha! :) He is faithful to provide...exactly when we need it! We are leaving at 5:45 tomorrow morning for a family reunion in Searcy (4 hours away). We were so thankful to be able to replace the tires before making that trip.