Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hannah's teacher sent home a note asking parents to write a little note describing their child. Here is my Hannah girl in a nutshell...

If I had to sum Hannah up in one sentence; she is my sunshine! Her smile lights up any room and her giggle is contagious. She is a ball of energy, but her warmth and compassion tame that energy. She is incredibly creative and dreams of becoming an artist someday. She thrives in environments that are creative yet disciplined.

Hannah likes playing with her sisters and brother, and she is a daddy's girl through in through. Her greatest like would have to be panda bears; real or stuffed it doesn't matter, she likes them all! She also likes helping others; even it is as simple as holding the door open for them.

Dislikes. It's funny because the only thing I can think of is chili and embarrassment. The girl does not like chili. She also does not like it at all when she gets embarrassed. She wears her heart on her sleeve so hurtful words and actions bring and extra sting. I hope this brings some insight into who Hannah is. She cannot wait for this year to begin, and her daddy and I are excited to see her grow throughout this first grade year.

Daddy and Mommy love you very much Hannah!

Thursday-Ross' Scope & Abbz' Results

So this morning started out early again. Ross had to be at the office by 6:45 am for his scope. When he came back to recovery they allowed me to sit with him, and I noticed a nurse talking sort of secretively to another nurse and I suspected it was about Ross. It turns out my suspicion was correct. Apparently Ross put up quite the fight this go around. He kept trying to pull the scope out. Dr. K's exact words were, "He's a strong guy. I thought we weren't going to get it done today." He also suggested that next time we might want to scope him at the hospital so they can put him under general anesthesia. Lovely husband, just lovely. There is nothing quite like apologizing for someone who has no remembrance of their actions. Other than them having to give him a hearty dose of several sedatives he did great. He slept most of the day while Blair and I went to the mall and other stores with the girls.
The good news for the day....
Abigail PASSED her scope!!! She gets to eat grapes SAFELY!!! YEAH!!! :)