Monday, May 5, 2008

Ethiopia at Heart

Zach and Erin received their referral for the sixth member of their family today. They are adopting a little baby boy from Ethiopia, Africa. Wednesday marks 14 weeks of waiting, and they received their referral today! I am so happy for them. Their baby is absolutely beautiful. It is amazing how marvelous our God is! He instills in each of us the power of love, that reaches far beyond our family, friends, Continent, and oceans. I count myself blessed to embark on this journey with them, and to call them my friends. CONGRATULATIONS Zach, Erin, Easton, Catherine, and Sophia!! I can't wait to meet your new baby boy/brother!
As you know, Abigail isn't healthy. Ross and I have been struggling for quite some time with knowing if we should have anymore biological children. God has laid it upon our hearts to adopt from China, but we were planning on doing this after our fourth child. A perfect example that our plans aren't always the Lords plans. After seeing Zach and Erin's baby, and the unknown of the seriousness of Abigail's disease; I have a peace about waiting for a daughter from China. The Lord has placed before me a couple of circumstances this week that have pointed me in that direction, but that little boy's beautiful face may have been the little "nudge" that I needed. I long for the day that I can hold my (as my girls would say) "China baby" in my arms and call her mine.

House Fever!!!

I am in "lust" with a beautiful 5 bedroom, 4 bath home in Siloam!! It is an AMAZING deal in a nice neighborhood, BUT....still out of our price range; for now any way. There is also an option to buy the lot next to it for a great price. O, to have the money to buy "the house", but I will be happy finding a bigger, nicer home for less money, and search for the perfect house in a few years. I had to take Mandy, Alex, Emma, and my girls to see it. Of coarse, the girls just got to see it from their car seats in the car, but Mandy and I got to google-eye it for a while! It was fun sippin' on Sonic drinks, just riding around town...hopefully, the Harris and Green family will become even closer for many years to come. ☻ On another note, Ross and I have been cleaning house. We are taking out anything that we do not have to have; so that when we do decide to sell, we won't have as much to pack up and our house will appear larger. Every little bit helps! We have cleaned out Abigail's room and the Girls' room...boy, that took a while, but now they have room to play. I hope these things (junk) sell, sell, sell when we have a garage sale. That about sums up the "house fever" I am having. I hope the rest of you reading this are having as good of a day as I am.
Oh Yea, I almost forgot to tell the awesome news.........I started Weight Watchers 11 days ago and I have lost 7 pounds!!! Yeah me! Ross has lost 5 pounds! Yeah Ross!!!! Our goal: To be skinny, and healthier by the time we take Abigail to Cincinnati.