Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's Recap

Ross' appointment with the GI went well today. Dr. K was very nice and more importantly, he was well educated in EE. He asked a lot of questions about Ross' previous history and prepared us for the scope on Thursday. Tomorrow's appointment with the allergist will be more eventful I'm sure. That appointment will be at 11:30 am.

On another note, it snowed here a little today. Unlike Arkansas, they know how to treat and scrap the roads here. However, if you ask our friend, Mike, he says they don't know what they are doing...obviously he hasn't been to Arkansas when it snows! :)

We went to dinner with Mike, Ramona, and Conner tonight. Poor Conner wanted to get down and play like any normal 18 month old, so he ended up with Grandpa for a while. Next time Conner, we will have to go somewhere that will allow you and Abbz to run around and play!
Thanks Mike and Ramona for working us into your busy schedule and for a wonderful dinner.