Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Race is On...

Will it be ACH or Cincinnati? With any luck Cincinnati will be the winner! I'm sure you are wondering where I am going with this. I spoke with Dr. O'Connor this morning and after a little research and her expert opinion; she and I think that Abigail's recent flare up was caused from an internal reaction to zithromax. So, she wants us to wait until Thursday to see if Dr. Putnum can get Abigail into their clinic sooner. If he has not called by Thursday, and Abigail still isn't feeling well then we will schedule another scope for sometime next week...my best guess is Monday. With any luck and A LOT of prayer, we will hear something from Cincinnati. Really, I just want the timing to work out for Abigail's best interest. Even if that means waiting until August!
On a laid back note, Ross and I took the girls to Tulsa yesterday. We didn't do anything special, but it was a nice change of scenery. Especially from the stressful weekend we had. We went to Golf Galaxy first. The girls had a blast putting golf balls into the hole, with Daddy's help. Then we went to the mall. We walked around, looked at stores, and Ross bought two shirts that were normally $58 for $14. What a bargain! I do like a deal. Anyway, we let the girls play in the play area until I couldn't stand the chaos anymore. Afterwards we went to eat dinner at ZIO'S Italian Restaurant. YUMMY!!! Ross and I shared and it was the perfect amount of food for each of us. Plus, not only did it satisfy us, but it cut the calories in half and saved money in the process. Of coarse we needed to make up for the lost calories so we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. YUMMIER!!! The girls didn't want cheesecake, so Ross and I got ours to go and off to Cold Stone we went. The girls got their favorite...cotton candy ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. After that day, we are all fat and happy! :)
Hannah keeps asking me to color with her, so I better be a good mommy and color with my four year old while Abigail is still sleeping.


wendy liszewski said...

I just found your blog site! I'm a little slow with technology!! The girls look GREAT!! How fun to see everyone!! Hope ya'll are doing well!! We are doing great! Zak just finished his JR year! I know next year will go even faster!!
Take care!
your aunt - Wendy