Thursday, September 4, 2008

Results are In...

After much waiting; Ross' pathology reports confirmed that he does in fact have Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Just to show you how he compares with Abigail, his highest eos count was 80 and Abigail's was 90. Pretty close to the other words, he isn't doing too well either.
I have had several questions about how Ross is handling his new diet. He is actually doing quite well with it at the moment. It has effected all of our diets, but surprisingly it hasn't been that hard so far. Although reality hit me yesterday as I was watching the Food Network channel and I realized that I will not be able to bake like I used to. Baking is/was my passion and now I won't be doing that...for a while anyway. That's okay though; I will just have to learn to change my passion from baking to cooking. All in all we are doing okay! We are now in the process of seeking out doctors for Ross. Doctors who have seen adult EE patients. Well, it's time to get Abigail from therapy so I hope you all have a wonderful day!