Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Annie tagged me! Here are 7 weird and random facts about me:

1. My children must always have on shoes and a hairbow before leaving the house; and I prefer they be in coordinating outfits.

2. I cannot go to sleep with the closet door open...it creeps me out.

3. I'm an FHS band geek. I played the flute and was Captain of the Flag Line 3 years in a row.

4. I absolutely hate going to the eye doctor, but don't mind going to the dentist.

5. I have always wanted to have identical twins.

6. I put garlic in every thing...excluding desserts of coarse!

7. Ross and I were engaged before we went on our official first date. What?! We were poor college kids and couldn't afford to go any where. Unless of coarse, you consider lunch in the Pomfret cafeteria a date! Ha!

I hope you enjoyed my list of random facts because it took me forever to come up with anything. Normally I have a list a mile long, but put me on the spot and I clam up. Amanda, Mandy, Erin, Kristen, Alicia, Stacey, and Alissa...TAG YOUR IT!


The Scott Family said...

So how did you figure out that tag thing?!?