Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cincinnati Follow-Up and New Beginnings

We have our dates for our next Cincinnati trip. We will be leaving Dec. 14th returning Dec. 19th. It will be another busy trip; hopefully filled with just as much great information as the first trip. This will be a follow-up visit for Abigail. She will be scoped on Monday, and with much prayer she will have ZERO eos! We want 0 eos/hpf because that will mean that the elemental formula alone is working, and her levels should be able to control through diet. Although this is a follow-up for Abigail, it will be Ross' intial visit. He will see the GI specialist on Tuesday for a consultation, allergy tested on Wednesday, and scoped on Thursday. We are anxious to learn what his treatment options are and to see what improvements have occurred since his new diet restriction.