Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dad/Daughter Date Night and More...

Our church had a Dad/Daughter date night late night. It was a Hollywood theme, complete with a Red Carpet, pictures, and the whole works. They had a chocolate fountain with fruit and other fun foods to dip, yummy dinner, and speaking about daddies and their daughters. It would have been a wonderful night if Mary Grace hadn't gotten sick halfway through it. She told her daddy she wasn't feeling very well, but did not want to go home. They stayed for about an hour longer than they should have, but she just wasn't ready to leave her night with her daddy. Ross called to tell me they were heading home after leaving early because she wasn't feeling well, and his words were, "She feels a little warm." Prepared mommy had her jammies ready to go and the thermometer in reaching distance when they arrived home. By the time they made it, she had fallen asleep and was running 103 degree temp. I got her dressed for bed, gave her some Motrin and put her to bed. Her temp. spiked to 104 at 5 am; I sure hope she doesn't have I dare say these words?...the flu!!!

On another note, Amanda, called me yesterday with some exciting news. Her parents had to evict a family from their rental home (no, this isn't the exciting part, actually it's rather sad), and found 6 1/2 cases, or 39 cans of Elecare Elemental formula! That is the exciting part. Elecare is the other formula allowed for treatment with EE. The Lord sure moves in mysterious ways, and we are thankful! God is good.


The Scott Family said...

Feel better soon MG!