Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finish Well

Yes. It has been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged, but honestly I haven't been in the mood. Until now. Pastor challenged us to "Finish Well" on Sunday. What does that mean? It means between now and the beginning of the new year, we should strive to finish well in all that we do. Finish well personally, relationally, professionally, and spiritually. We cannot start well if we do not finish well. I intend on doing just that. I am going to follow through with the salt dough ornaments that we have been talking about doing. To ensure it gets accomplished, Mandy is bringing the girls over after therapy on Thursday so that all of the kids can participate. I'm so excited. I have wanted to start this tradition the past few years but haven't done it yet. Let this be the first of many ornaments to come. For the next 24 days, I am going to ask God to give me a life verse, complete what seems like an impossible God-sized task in me, and give me new direction over the 2011 year. I also intend on doing my everyday wife and motherly duties to the best of my ability. I am finishing 2010 well so that I am able to begin 2011 on the right path.

Shifting gears a little. Alex and Emma came over for a little while yesterday while Mandy was taking care of things with her mom. I just love those girls! It is so much fun watching Alex, Emma, and Abigail play and interact. Half the time no one, not even Mandy or I, can understand them; but I promise you they know what each other is talking about. They crack each other up which in turn makes me laugh...good times! Other smiles to share...feeding time was at 1 so this is how it went: Alex. Check. Emma. Check. Abigail. Check. Jonathan. Check. Me. Check. It was hilarious! Every time I fed one another was hungry, including myself. At least they were kind enough the patiently wait for the one before them to finish eating before the next one voiced their need to eat. I love it!!! :) Thanks Mandy for entrusting me with your little ladies.

Now I am getting ready to head to the store to get salt for our salt dough ornaments. I'm making the ornaments tonight so they will be ready to paint on Thursday. I can't wait! I hope you are all having a blessed day, and remember to finish well.


The Harris Family said...

I trust you more than anyone else. Thank you for taking such good care of the girls. Love you!