Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stomach Bug

Our first attempt at painting the salt dough ornaments failed. Sadly, three of my four kiddos were stricken with the stomach at the same time. Abigail had Speech Therapy this morning and literally as soon as I walked in the door from dropping her off, Mrs. Tara called to tell me that Abigail had thrown up. Poor Mrs. Tara! Luckily she is the only one that vomited and it was only once, but MG and J both had potty issues and tummy aches all day. Abbz feel asleep on the floor at about 4:45 this afternoon and woke up for about 20 minutes before she asked to get into bed. I swear that sweet girl falls asleep somewhere on the floor when she doesn't feel well.

Tomorrow is my baby boy's first birthday so I am praying everyone will wake up feeling back to normal. I have had a terrible headache for two days now and still have a birthday cake to make...that may have to wait till morning.

On a happy note, Mandy saw my Facebook status stating my need for chocolate and she delivered. I love having a friend so close that she can swing by just to bring me chocolate without being asked because she loves me. Thanks Mandy, you have no idea how badly I needed that! Sometimes it's the small things in life that help you make through a day with 3 sick kids and a hubby working the night shift. Oh and as far as the ornaments go, next week is the new plan for painting.